“My mission is to enhance the visibility and impact of health and wellness brands through sophisticated digital marketing strategies, building smart systems for automation, cultivating authentic connections and positive transformation.”

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We are a Social Media Marketing and Digital Growth Agency dedicated to facilitating global business expansion. Leveraging top-notch systems, software, and strategies, we enhance your online presence, fortify your brand, and automate 99% of your customer journey.

At Wellness Marketing, our mission is to enhance the visibility and impact of health and wellness brands through sophisticated digital marketing strategies, cultivating authentic connections and positive transformation. Commencing with the fundamental steps of establishing an engaging and pertinent brand, we unveil key strategies that consistently expand your online following. This transformation turns strangers into enthusiastic fans through captivating content and branding.

Utilising a specialised, all-in-one platform, we guide you in constructing remarkable online assets and systematising your business operations, liberating you from being tethered to your computer.

Our expertise lies in cultivating enduring, transformative online presences, with a loyal customer base that follows you wherever you venture.

Whether you're just starting, progressing, or an established business seeking growth, efficiency, and automation, we possess the comprehensive tools to propel you to the next level.

About Us

Wellness Marketing was established in 2020 by Owner and Founder Lisa Flanagan, with one goal in mind:

Help business owners in the Wellness Industry & abroad, and their families to navigate the ever-evolving online landscape and create long-lasting and automated businesses that truly give them their freedom back.

Our passionate local team provides a wide range of essential marketing services from social media growth and branding, website & online store builds, paid advertising on social media outlets,  organic lead generation systems, and a set strategy so when it comes time to put your foot on the pedal and scale your business, you can, and FAST!

We know that no 2 businesses are the same, so neither is our support and advice. We have a strong focus on tailoring our programs to suit your business, whether you’re an ambitious mum-preneur like Lisa, or a national brand looking to shake things up.

Wellness Marketing has a growing list of happy clients and customers, with many business owners enjoying their growth, their systems, and the lifestyle that it affords them, and we can’t wait to meet our next round of success stories.

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I'm Lisa Flanagan

Lisa Flanagan is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, health & fitness fanatic, and social media expert.
She is the founder of Wellness Marketing, and creator of successful online businesses across a range of industries.
With her experience growing companies online for herself and others, Lisa’s love for business is only surpassed by her passion for helping people hit big goals and live their dream life.
Lisa stepped out of the norm after a defining moment where she realised she was building someone else's dream.
Lisa's expertise on social media resulted in fast-paced business growth whilst impacting many.

Hi, I’m Lisa.

I’m a mum of 3 energetic little boys, a wife of 13 years, and a crazy dachshund lover (mum of 2)!

These days, I spend my time building businesses and making connections, all packed into my schedule of school pick-ups, sports practice, training at the gym & hitting my goals, and helping my husband run his successful detailing biz in our local area in the Redlands, QLD.

But, life wasn’t always going according to plan. 3 years ago, I was a full-time working mum… constantly feeling guilty for dropping my babies to daycare/school while I went and built someone else’s dream. I was pouring all my time and energy into the rat race, and couldn’t find the fulfilment I wanted out of life. Was this it?

I lost my sparkle, I let my fire burn out, and the dream I had for myself and my family was being pushed into the background.

When I first discovered the opportunity of online business, I bit the bullet and decided to start learning 1 new skill every day. I knew I had found my path out of the ‘grind’ and into something special.

3 years later, I’ve built a team of incredible, talented people, a following of amazing clients and customers, and I know I’m giving my family the life we dreamed of.

I know the same path is open for you, and if you’re ready to start realising how exciting life can be…I’m here to be your guide through the tough times and bring you into your full potential as a business owner who can truly embrace a better life.

Let’s do this together, thanks so much for being here.


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