Incorporating a healthy wellness lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact over the years, as a single parent I have visited many places that offer free or low costs services that have helped me on so many levels.  This is a useful guide for people who are unemployed, have a disability, stay-at-home mothers, retirees and others on a low income. I’ve decided to be very specific and name organizations mainly in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.  I have personally visited these places and highly recommend them’s been all in my head all these years, time to put this knowledge down to help others. This guide is up to date as of February 2018.


Meditation Retreats

Brahma Kumaris

This non-denominational organization has retreat and meditation classes throughout Australia.  I have visited the retreat several times in the Peninsula area of Victoria.  It’s a great retreat for beginners, normally weekends, beautiful homemade food, scenic settings, peaceful and I always leave feeling relaxed, motivated and positive.  The best thing, you can enjoy all this for a donation, based on how much you can afford.

Dhamma Āloka Vipassana Meditation Centre

This retreat is for intermediate to advanced meditators.  Set in a beautiful location in Woori Yallock, this is an opportunity to gain some deep peace and is free from distractions of modern life. However, there is a strict code of conduct, the silent retreat lasts for 10 days, they serve only two vegetarian meals a day.  It is certainly not a holiday but an opportunity for self-development.  The retreat fees are by donation only making them accessible to people on low incomes.  This retreat is challenging but it is certainly something I would like to do again when my children are older.

Hair and Beauty

Inspiring Beauty and Massage Training Academy

Based in Bayswater, this student salon offers low-cost treatments such as a 1 hour facial for $25 using natural, high-quality products.  A 1-hour relaxation massage is $25 too. They offer others services such as make-up, waxing, and manicures.  It is a student setting, but I have found the service to be relaxing and professional.

Answers To Hair Academy

Men’s and Women’s Hair Cuts, no shampoo for $10. Based in Ringwood.  Great for haircuts.  However, be prepared (e.g. bring food, a book etc) and patient for other services as these students are learning.  A regrowth color is $30.  Other services such as a full head of color on long hair do start to add up but it is still far cheaper than other hair salons.

Australian College of Fitness & BodyWork

This student massage clinic is based in Mitcham.  I recently discovered this one and find it that the clinic is good in that it is opened for longer hours and offer specialty massages such as remedial for $35 an hour. I found this service great, but it can be difficult to keep to the same student each week.


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