Wellness Marketing is the brainchild of Tiffiny Beamish, a Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing expert in the making.

The Global Wellness Market is a thriving $3.4 Trillion industry and is now three times larger than the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry (Source: The Global Wellness Institute). Consumers are hungrier than ever before for products and services that can help them live longer and healthier lives which are also ethically sourced and sustainable. Wellness is not just about yoga and green smoothies but expands to a wide expanse of products and services such as natural beauty products, meditation retreats, health tourism, superfoods, supplements and more.
With a Bachelor degree in International Business, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and recent studies in Social Media Marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and marketing is something Tiffiny is passionate about. In her limited leisure time (she is the mother of two young children) Tiffiny enjoys researching about health, fitness, nutrition and spirituality and lives by the approach of healthy mind, body, and spirit. Combining these two worlds of business and health, this is how Wellness Marketing came about.
Through much of Tiffiny’s career, she has enjoyed working in a marketing capacity for health businesses. She operated the entire marketing campaign for an entrepreneurial Naturopath who made natural beauty products for the domestic and international markets. Tiffiny also worked for a major supplements manufacturer, assisting Asian clients from start to finish on getting their supplement orders from just ideas to completed orders.
One of the reasons, Tiffiny started Wellness Marketing was with her experience in the marketing sector and as a client in the complementary therapies industry (e.g massage, acupuncture, naturopath), many small businesses in the health and wellness sector are so busy with the day to day running of their businesses and seeing clients that they have little time to work on marketing campaigns, particularly in social media. This is where Wellness Marketing can help.

Tiffiny offers health and wellness business owners one-on-one consultations, face to face in Melbourne or via Skype if you live elsewhere. Wellness Marketing can help your business become more profitable, more visible and more focused.

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